leather frame samplesWe offer a wide variety of framing samples with origins ranging from the U.S.A. to Italy and Peru that will fit any budget. Whether it is a hand-carved, guilded, closed-cornered, forged steel, aluminum, leather or custom finished wood moulding, we have the perfect frame to fit your art.


customer designing artwork on counterThere is always a qualified individual on-site to provide personal attention in choosing the perfect framing design for your artwork. We will guide you through the process in selecting the best options for your art from hundreds of moulding samples, fabric and rag mats, liners, fillets, and a variety of glazing options including reflection-free museum quality glass.


matting samples

We offer museum-quality 100% acid free cotton rag boards available in 4, 8 and 12 ply. With our computerized mat cutter, we are able to precisely cut intricate designs. Upgrading to a hand-wrapped fabric mat can add texture and elegance to any piece of artwork.

Custom Mirrors

mirrorUnleash your creativity by choosing any of our hundreds of frames to be made into a custom-sized mirror. Mirrors can be styled with a bevel, no bevel or antiqued look.

3-D Objects

violin framed in plexiglass boxOur professional craftsmen are highly skilled at designing framing options for unique 3-D object. 3-D artwork can be displayed in a wooden shadow box or a seamless plexiglass box. Projects we have completed in the past include: christening gowns, medals, feathers, quilts, jerseys, tapestries, plates, baseballs and bats.

Canvas Stretching

canvas stretchingOur stretcher bars are available in a variety of depths and can be custom milled to your specifications. Whether you need a painting or a blank gessoed canvas stretched, we can do it!

Art Installation

men hanging artworkUpon completion of your framing order, we are able to deliver and hang artwork at your residential or commercial location. We can also hang and re-hang existing mirrors and artwork to ease the transition for clients who have recently completed a move or redesign. Call us today to schedule an appointment.